Pregnancy is not about walking around with a bump and a body which is going out of shape. There are so many things you can do to make things work out for you. Go out for a walk every day or enroll yourself into a prenatal yoga class. You might think that yoga is only for the young and the fit but it would be surprising for you to know that it can do wonders for you in the prenatal and postnatal period, I did a search for yoga classes near me and found a great network of classes. Not only will it help you stay fit but will also help you through the delivery and the postnatal phase of your pregnancy. Here is a brief look into the benefits of yoga for the pregnant women.

Toned muscles

During pregnancy, it is very important that your pelvic and hip muscles are strong. For a safe pregnancy, you need to work on toning your muscles especially the lower body muscles. They will help give your body more support and would prepare you for the delivery as well.

Fight the discomforts of pregnancy

Pregnancy and those nine months are often associated with lower back pains, nausea, digestion issues and a mood that couldn’t be more volatile. Yoga helps you relax and for pregnant women, it can help them soothe their nerves and the overly cranky mood. Stretching and toning your muscles during pregnancy can help you deal with the pains and discomforts of the pregnancy.

Helps during labor

Strong pelvic muscles and a toned body are all you need to go through the labor pains and the delivery. It leads them to believe that their bodies will loosen during pregnancy and will not tighten up to make the pains go on for longer and increase their endurance to pain. During pregnancy, the pattern of breathing is very important. The deep mindful breathing pattern is the key to a smooth labor.

Healthy pregnancy

Yoga makes you be more aware of your body and in sync with all that is going in your body. It lets you be prepared mentally and develop a mindfulness which helps you connect with your baby more and focus more on your well-being. The more you focus on staying healthy and fill yourself up with positive energy, it will help you have a smooth healthy pregnancy where you are good at dealing with all the discomforts of your pregnancy.

More friends

Yoga classes allow you to connect with more mothers out there. You get to make friends there and jam up with like-minded women out there who are in the same class with you. More friends means happy you and a happier pregnancy.

Yoga is all about being in connection with your inner self and helping you cope up with all the trauma these nine months bring into your life. If you still haven’t enrolled yourself into a prenatal yoga class, then it is about time that you find yourself a qualified yoga instructor who is trained to help you through this tough time in your life

HealthyWomen of all ages, weight, and activity often have a desire and a need to be fit and healthy. Women’s activity levels have increased substantially over the past years due to many factors.

It is considered an important factor in their eyes in order to emphasise equality and demonstrate their strength both physically and mentally to the entire world.

This article discusses the top supplements that women can use to complement their daily diet in order to live a healthy, strong and fit lifestyle and potential risks associated with their consumption.

Top Supplements for Women

  • StretchingWhey Protein: Whey protein is derived from milk and aids in muscle hypertrophy and recovery.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is the world most popular stimulant that helps users gain high levels of energy and intensity.
  • Fish Oil: Fish oil contains two essential acids required for muscle growth and overall fitness.
  • Casein Protein: Also derived from milk and can be of extreme benefit for women in gaining strength and required muscle if consumed at certain time periods.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D aids in muscle strength and growth by activating certain genes.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that promotes recovery after a rigorous workout. Especially necessary for women.
  • Multivitamins: Multivitamins are a blend and mix of various essential minerals and vitamins. They help protect against deficiencies caused by a poor diet.
  • Hemp Protein: Last but not the least is hemp protein. Hemp protein, especially a good organic hemp protein, is one the most advantageous supplements for women due to its high digestibility and added benefits such omega-3 fatty acids and belly-filling capabilities.

Risks Associated with Supplements for Women

Too much of anything is considered dangerous. The same goes for excessive and unnecessary high usage of supplements. There are numerous risks associated with high use of supplements for women. Some of them are as follows.

  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps in absorbing of calcium in the human body and its adequate consumption is necessary especially for women. However, high intake of vitamin D supplements has shown to introduce kidney stones. This was found for postmenopausal women who took vitamin D supplements daily.
  • Calcium: Calcium is beneficial for strong bones and a healthy functioning heart. Calcium supplements have shown to improve low calcium blood levels in women. But research has concluded that calcium is better absorbed through natural food rather than supplements. Extra calcium gained through supplements can settle in the arteries instead of the bones.
  • Multivitamins: There is simply no substitute for a healthy and stable diet. Consumption of multivitamins has not shown to protect against diseases such as cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Soy Isolate: Numerous women consume soy supplements to help relieve symptoms of menopause. However, this can prove extremely risky and in some cases fatal. This is so because the soy supplements have shown to increase breast cancer in women due to high levels if oestrogen present in them.

There are numerous healthy supplements available for women that help them achieve the desired level of fitness and lifestyle. However, risks and potential setbacks must be evaluated before consumption of any health supplements.

At the DentistIt is very important to attend the dentist while you are pregnant, your whole body including your teeth is under much more stress during this time and so you need to take extra care of yourself.
We recommend you tell your dentist if you are pregnant, if he knows he can make recommendations and avoid things that may cause an issue. This is just a precautionary thing, you will want to avoid dental treatments during the first and latter stages of your pregnancy, the first trimester and second half of the third trimester, unless it is an emergency.

The reason you would want to avoid routine treatment during these times is that this is when the baby is growing and during this critical stage we would want to avoid anything that my impact on this growth. Check-ups and other routine work are best scheduled for the second trimester and any procedures that are not routine check-ups or emergencies should be put back until after the birth.


Find a dentist you can relax with and one who makes you feel at ease, there are many different ways dentists do this, some play music, others use hypnosis but the one I like most is a large window above the chair you are relining in that looks up to the clouds, I have included a photo of it at the top of this article, it is a feature of the Dentists in Ferring, West Sussex have a look at the pictures on their website and you will be feeling relaxed about your visit too.

Avoid X-rays

It is important that your dentist knows you are pregnant, and one of the things you will wish to avoid are x-rays, if it is an emergency treatment and an x-ray is vital then your dentist will take extra precautions to protect the baby, as with much else in life communication is the key here.


Often pregnant women are given medication or vitamin supplements by their doctors, inform your dentist as to what medication and supplements you are taking. It is better to give your dentist too much information than not enough. If your doctor has given you any special advice about things to be aware of during your pregnancy inform the dentist as your treatment may need to be altered or adjusted.

Look after your gums

This is a time your body could be weaker than it is used too, the gums are at increased risk of disease because of your changing hormone levels. If you notice your gums becoming sore, inflamed, bleeding or changing in any way make an appointment for a periodontal exam.

A Great Tip to Help with Morning Sickness

Often it is hard to brush your teeth if you are suffering from morning sickness, the thought of the minty fresh toothpaste is enough to make your tummy do backflips. One great way to combat this is to use a bland flavour of toothpaste; your dentist will be able to recommend some that you can test for yourself.
If you have been vomiting it is important to keep your mouth clean and fresh, so rinsing with water or mouth wash if you can it will help with the freshness after you have vomited and will help reduce the change of gum infections.

Get Rid Of Belly Fat Now 2Failure to exercise is among the things that hinders a person from having a fit and healthy body. A lot of people wish to have the perfect body, but let’s face it, not everybody is willing to put all the work for it. It only makes sense because it is not exactly an activity that most people would be excited to do. But the trick is to actually train in the mind into loving it and you better believe that it is possible. Discipline has a lot to do with it and it could probably take a while, but if you really put your mind to it, then you will be able to achieve your desired body weight and even its shape.

Shaping the body is another thing to achieve in case you don’t know. You can lose weight but not having it shaped well still won’t look like you have actually made an effort to look good. It is for aesthetics reasons, but it’s not a bad idea to incorporate it in your life because it would contribute a lot to your self-esteem. If you ever want to gain confidence on a regular basis, your body could be one of the main reasons you would be able to achieve it.

It is about time to step up and do something that would benefit your health. It is not just so you would look good, but it’s more on the concern of your health in general. Let’s talk about your belly fats. If you find yourself ashamed of showing off your abdominal area because of your growing love handle, it is a must that you lose it now. There is no way you should be clinging to those visceral fats anyway. In case you don’t know, but those fats are the ones responsible for giving deadly disease to the human race.Get Rid Of Belly Fat Now!

Most if not all diseases came from your belly fats like diabetes, heart problem and kidney failures just to name a few. Maintaining a good diet is one of the ways to keep your body away from it. Wearing some body wraps would also be advisable, especially if you can’t seem to find a way to exercise. It’s the latest in the fitness industry that would captivate you to no longer have an excuse not to lose that fats in your belly region. I’m not here to scare you or anything, but these fats are what really usually kill people. That should be enough reason for you to motivate yourself in being fit and free from the dangers brought by belly fats. You may also check this site, it helps you to get rid of belly fats.

Having a balance meal and exercising are not exactly enough sometimes to lose weight or the fats in your belly. You might need to do some extra effort to finally get rid of those unwanted fats. Using some belly wraps would definitely be a huge help if you have belly fats that seem bigger than the usual. It is never too late to make a change of lifestyle.

Unconventional Tricks To Losing Weight

If you are tired of pretty much doing everything you can to lose weight, but there seems to be no result, well just hang in there because change is about to come. You must know that this is not an overnight process. Dieting and exercising are not some magical procedures to make you lose weight within the next 24 hours. But I can help you make things faster than the usual by tricking your mind and doing these tips on losing weight. Results may vary depending on a person’s metabolism and current weight. You might have to work harder than other people if you are really overweight. Don’t be discouraged, because as long as you’re still breathing, then believe that you will get there!

So here are some amazing unconventional tricks make you lose weight without having to go to the gym or completely depriving yourself from eating.

1. Brushing Your Teeth. Believe it or not, but this trick is really effective. Brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash will create a sensation in your mouth that you are no longer hungry and it will send a message to your brain that you are full. Try brushing your teeth after each meal or when you’re craving for something to eat but you just ate.

2. Using Small Plates. This is also effective because it will create an illusion to your eyes thinking that your plate is already full. This way, you won’t feel the need to go back and get a new batch of food again.

3. Snacking. Eat small portions of food every 1 to 2 hours. When I say small, I mean really tiny bites of food. It could be some nuts or raisins or organic chips. Through this, you won’t feel the need to binge later in the day when it is time for some real meal.

4. Be Active. You don’t need to do some massive and strenuous exercise to lose weight. Just make sure that you move from time to time and not just in the office for the whole 8 hours that you are in there. You can do some stretches on your cubicle or just use your breaks to walk around your office and greet everybody. This would help burn calories.

5. Post A Picture Of Someone That Inspires You: Whether it is your lover or someone fit, I suggest that you have a picture of them on your wall or board where you could see them everyday and be inspired to be better when it comes to your health.

6. Walk Instead Of Driving: Okay, this is only advisable if your destination is really walking distance, like it is just a few kilometers away from your house. Instead of driving or riding a cab, just walk! It is good for your heart and your general health.

7. Take The Stairs: Unless you work at 67th floor of a building, then it is probably best that you take the elevator. But it is just a couple of floors from ground or even if it is the 8th to the 10th floor, I suppose that is manageable.

These are just among some tricks you could do lose weight without dieting and hitting the gym. Tune in for more!


If you think you would actually not gain weight if you drink diet soda because it contains low calorie, then you are dead wrong. A recent study made by a scientist from the University of Illinois proved that people who opt for diet soda tend to gain more weight because they have this thinking that it’s okay to eat a lot since I’ll be drinking a diet soda anyway. It is an interesting observation he made and it sure does make sense. No wonder a lot of people in fast food eats more of their junks because the diet soda compensates for it anyway.

It has low calories, but still if you’re going to really think about it, the amount of sugar that is in there is still a lot for a body to take it. Regular soda usually contains more 20 packs of sugar. You can’t assume that diet sodas have no sugar at all nor does it have really low amount. I hate to break it to you that it is still a lot! But okay, sure the calories in it are low but once you started to think about that, that’s when you will also start to think it’s okay to binge.

I say, quit all kinds of sodas and just stick to water and fruit juices. You won’t have to worry about diabetes and other scary diseases if you just stick to healthy beverages anyway. It will save you more money too! In case you haven’t noticed, restaurants actually rip people off with their sodas. The key here is to always have water with you. It would prevent you from dehydrating and it will even quench your thirst. Sodas would just make you want to drink more sodas and probably even crave for more food

It is time to say hello to a new lifestyle that would make you live longer without having to get sick and be stressed in paying hospital bills. This study was actually reported by Time Magazine so there is no way this thing is just made up. If you want to improve your health, it’s time to organize your meals first and that includes the beverages you drink as well. Sodas do nothing to your body anyway but to trick your taste buds in making you feel good. At the end of the day, you just had a drink that taste good and it will later on have a bad effect on your health.

I guess what many fail to see is the future effect of what they take in to their body. It is best to think long term when it comes to your health. Yes it may taste good for the moment, but you must learn how to think forward on what could be the possible effect it would do to your body. This is your way to fight diseases and not be able to deal with them in the future. Cheers to a healthy life!

Wearing Makeup Healthy

This could be a controversial topic to put out there, but hear me out first before you go send me some hate mails. I personally don’t think there is something wrong with wearing makeup. I know that it is a form to express one’s self and that’s totally cool. But there are things in makeups that could actually harm a person’s facial area. For example, lead is used to form lipsticks in order for them to create that color. And based on some study, that thing also happens to be carcinogenic when applied on the skin.

A lot of people have also been dependent to it, like they can’t go out of the house without pounding on a lot of chemicals on their faces. It is as if, wearing makeup has already defined them and they are incomplete without their full coverage foundation and all other stuff that could ruin the face. But like I said, there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup. If it could enhance your confidence and make you face the world out there, then go for it. My only concern is that when it becomes too much that you don’t even look like yourself anymore.

It is okay if you’re an artist and you’re out there playing someone else’s role in this life. But if you’re just going to school or to work, don’t you think wearing a makeup looking like Kim Kardashian is a little bit overboard? I mean, you have to be yourself and not some reality TV star. I have met some people who can’t even go out of the house without their full makeup on and that’s when it becomes unhealthy. I’m trying to address your mind’s health. You have to believe that you are beautiful and accepted whether you are not wearing any makeup.

You don’t need to hide yourself from concealers and cake foundation because you think you don’t look good enough for people to appreciate you. It would all change when you learn to love yourself first without the need for cosmetics.

Exposing your skin to way too much makeup on a regular basis could also cause it to sag, go dry and even break out. It could be worse if you got so lazy to remove all of your makeup before getting to bed. There are some physical and mental side effects of being dependent to makeups.

Moderation is key here people, especially ladies who seem to can’t have enough mascaras in their purses. We know that if we look good, we’d feel good. The truth is, you have to feel good first before you could actually look good. It all starts from within. Believing and feeling first that you are wonderfully made, would just result to you exuding some youthful glow on your face and the best part is that it would happen naturally.

So the next time you face the mirror before going out, I would just suggest to take it easy on the foundation.

Stop Your Skin From Breaking Out

If you’re a teenager and you have been so annoyed having to deal with acne on your face, I might just have the solution for that. I might also just save you money from going to a dermatologist, but if my tips still don’t work, then I’m afraid you would have to see a skin doctor to know what’s up.

1. Have a skin care routine to follow and stick to it on a daily basis. Never skip a step. When I was in high school I made a mistake of just washing my face and not toning and moisturizing after.

2. Know your skin type and only use skin products according to your skin type.

3. Eat healthy. Avoid oily food and also avoid food that has Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). If you see that in the ingredients of the food that you’re about to eat, drop it and never buy it. MSG most of the time causes the skin to break. There are even other people who are allergic to MSG that it would show to their skin. You probably don’t know that so might as well stay away from it.

4. Make sure that you have a daily dose of vitamin c. You could take that as a pill, or you could take it naturally through citrus products like oranges, lime, lemon juice, etc.

5. Get enough sleep. I know that it’s the generation where people tend to sleep less because of social media, but that’s not an excuse. You must make a way to get at least 8 hours of sleep in a day. Make sure that you also sleep at night and not have your day and night backwards.

6. Avoid chocolates with nuts. I would suggest that you take in some plain dark chocolates instead; they are at least healthier and can also balance your metabolism.

7. Take time to exercise. This would help you balance your hormones and keep you active, which helps in blood flow that contributes to the health of your skin.

8. Don’t be stressed. Take that as a commandment. Stress contributes a lot as to why your skin could break out. No matter what happens, don’t worry. Just think of this, if a problem is too hard to solve, worrying won’t exactly help. There is a huge chance that you would solve it if you don’t worry.

9. Don’t buy skin products to experiment. Make sure that the product would be appropriate for your skin and it’s not because you think it would be better on you since Zendaya endorsed it in a commercial.

10. And finally, avoid wearing heavy makeups and make sure that you remove them before you go to bed.

These are just among the tips that get me through puberty. You don’t need to hide behind makeups when you have a clear skin. You don’t have to dream to have clear skin when you can achieve it by these simple tips.

Good Weight Loss Goal

Everybody is into losing weight these days and I think it is a good thing. A lot of people are researching on what could be better for their health, which means they are not just into the aesthetic benefits of the matter, but they are more concerned on the deeper and healthy benefits of this subject. And if you are one those people, then I would like to applaud you for making that huge decision and taking that step to live a healthy a life.

Weight loss could be achieved by having the right ingredients to it. I would like to think that there is a formula for it and here I am eager to share my newfound recipe for weight loss.

1. 100% Dedication: You can’t do it half-heartedly or you won’t see progress. I always say, it’s either you do it or not, don’t be someone who would half-bake a mission. It’s not a good practice. Focus and dedicate your time and effort for this goal and you will see result 100% as well. The problem with most people is that they dedicate only a portion of their time and energy and then expect some drastic results in an instant! Which bring me to my next ingredient.

2. A Cup Full of Patience: You won’t see results overnight. You will need some time till you can finally see the things you have worked for. If you are patient enough to wait for the results, you will be patient enough to go through the process as well.

3. 50% Inspiration: It would be so easy to achieve a goal if you have an inspiration. Like a reason why you want to lose weight and stay healthy. It doesn’t always have to be a significant other, it could be coming from your family and other loved ones as well.

4. 50% Perspiration: I say you only need 50% of literally perspiring because the other 50% has already been worked out by having an inspiration. This means if you don’t have an inspiration, the burden is doubled so you would have to perspire 100% and that is kind of not healthy.

5. 100% Motivation: This is actually the drive that would help you to keep going. You got to find something or someone to motivate you. This is aside from your inspiration by the way. I say pick a place, an outfit, an event or an item that would make you push yourself to what you can to be able to achieve weight loss. For example, do you want a new little black dress that is size 1, then focus on that as your motivation and I’m telling you that you would be able to get it.

6. At least 1 Buddy: Get a buddy who would be accountable checking up on you and your progress. Best if you could have your friend workout with you as well.

More times on how you could lose weight fast in my next posts!