About Us

Facing an unplanned pregnancy?

Pregnancy Crisis – Norfolk offers you a calm place, a listening ear, unbiased information and time to talk and think through the consequences of any decision. We provide free pregnancy tests and trained counselors. Whatever decision you make, we can offer friendly support, practical assistance and referrals to other organizations.

“It really helps to talk to someone other than friend or family with unbiased opinions.”

Pregnancy loss

This term covers miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion. If you have experienced any of these, you can come for a number of sessions – as long as it takes you to get through the grieving process, we will be there for you.

Had an abortion?

If you have ever had an abortion, and have experienced some of the following symptoms, it could be that you are suffering from post-abortion stress: depression, anger, emotional numbness, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, guilt, anxiety or a sense of isolation.

Pregnancy Crisis – Norfolk has experienced counsellors to help you deal with the pain and loss associated with your termination. We will enable you to work through your thoughts and feelings and help you to face the future with hope.

“You allowed me to talk about the experience openly and without fear, to put it in perspective and start rebuilding my life.”

If you feel that any of these services would be helpful to you, please contact us at any of the number shown at the side of this page.