Dental Care While Pregnant

At the DentistIt is very important to attend the dentist while you are pregnant, your whole body including your teeth is under much more stress during this time and so you need to take extra care of yourself.
We recommend you tell your dentist if you are pregnant, if he knows he can make recommendations and avoid things that may cause an issue. This is just a precautionary thing, you will want to avoid dental treatments during the first and latter stages of your pregnancy, the first trimester and second half of the third trimester, unless it is an emergency.

The reason you would want to avoid routine treatment during these times is that this is when the baby is growing and during this critical stage we would want to avoid anything that my impact on this growth. Check-ups and other routine work are best scheduled for the second trimester and any procedures that are not routine check-ups or emergencies should be put back until after the birth.


Find a dentist you can relax with and one who makes you feel at ease, there are many different ways dentists do this, some play music, others use hypnosis but the one I like most is a large window above the chair you are relining in that looks up to the clouds, I have included a photo of it at the top of this article, it is a feature of the Dentists in Ferring, West Sussex have a look at the pictures on their website and you will be feeling relaxed about your visit too.

Avoid X-rays

It is important that your dentist knows you are pregnant, and one of the things you will wish to avoid are x-rays, if it is an emergency treatment and an x-ray is vital then your dentist will take extra precautions to protect the baby, as with much else in life communication is the key here.


Often pregnant women are given medication or vitamin supplements by their doctors, inform your dentist as to what medication and supplements you are taking. It is better to give your dentist too much information than not enough. If your doctor has given you any special advice about things to be aware of during your pregnancy inform the dentist as your treatment may need to be altered or adjusted.

Look after your gums

This is a time your body could be weaker than it is used too, the gums are at increased risk of disease because of your changing hormone levels. If you notice your gums becoming sore, inflamed, bleeding or changing in any way make an appointment for a periodontal exam.

A Great Tip to Help with Morning Sickness

Often it is hard to brush your teeth if you are suffering from morning sickness, the thought of the minty fresh toothpaste is enough to make your tummy do backflips. One great way to combat this is to use a bland flavour of toothpaste; your dentist will be able to recommend some that you can test for yourself.
If you have been vomiting it is important to keep your mouth clean and fresh, so rinsing with water or mouth wash if you can it will help with the freshness after you have vomited and will help reduce the change of gum infections.