Diet Sodas Can Make You Fat


If you think you would actually not gain weight if you drink diet soda because it contains low calorie, then you are dead wrong. A recent study made by a scientist from the University of Illinois proved that people who opt for diet soda tend to gain more weight because they have this thinking that it’s okay to eat a lot since I’ll be drinking a diet soda anyway. It is an interesting observation he made and it sure does make sense. No wonder a lot of people in fast food eats more of their junks because the diet soda compensates for it anyway.

It has low calories, but still if you’re going to really think about it, the amount of sugar that is in there is still a lot for a body to take it. Regular soda usually contains more 20 packs of sugar. You can’t assume that diet sodas have no sugar at all nor does it have really low amount. I hate to break it to you that it is still a lot! But okay, sure the calories in it are low but once you started to think about that, that’s when you will also start to think it’s okay to binge.

I say, quit all kinds of sodas and just stick to water and fruit juices. You won’t have to worry about diabetes and other scary diseases if you just stick to healthy beverages anyway. It will save you more money too! In case you haven’t noticed, restaurants actually rip people off with their sodas. The key here is to always have water with you. It would prevent you from dehydrating and it will even quench your thirst. Sodas would just make you want to drink more sodas and probably even crave for more food

It is time to say hello to a new lifestyle that would make you live longer without having to get sick and be stressed in paying hospital bills. This study was actually reported by Time Magazine so there is no way this thing is just made up. If you want to improve your health, it’s time to organize your meals first and that includes the beverages you drink as well. Sodas do nothing to your body anyway but to trick your taste buds in making you feel good. At the end of the day, you just had a drink that taste good and it will later on have a bad effect on your health.

I guess what many fail to see is the future effect of what they take in to their body. It is best to think long term when it comes to your health. Yes it may taste good for the moment, but you must learn how to think forward on what could be the possible effect it would do to your body. This is your way to fight diseases and not be able to deal with them in the future. Cheers to a healthy life!