Is Wearing Makeup Healthy?

Wearing Makeup Healthy

This could be a controversial topic to put out there, but hear me out first before you go send me some hate mails. I personally don’t think there is something wrong with wearing makeup. I know that it is a form to express one’s self and that’s totally cool. But there are things in makeups that could actually harm a person’s facial area. For example, lead is used to form lipsticks in order for them to create that color. And based on some study, that thing also happens to be carcinogenic when applied on the skin.

A lot of people have also been dependent to it, like they can’t go out of the house without pounding on a lot of chemicals on their faces. It is as if, wearing makeup has already defined them and they are incomplete without their full coverage foundation and all other stuff that could ruin the face. But like I said, there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup. If it could enhance your confidence and make you face the world out there, then go for it. My only concern is that when it becomes too much that you don’t even look like yourself anymore.

It is okay if you’re an artist and you’re out there playing someone else’s role in this life. But if you’re just going to school or to work, don’t you think wearing a makeup looking like Kim Kardashian is a little bit overboard? I mean, you have to be yourself and not some reality TV star. I have met some people who can’t even go out of the house without their full makeup on and that’s when it becomes unhealthy. I’m trying to address your mind’s health. You have to believe that you are beautiful and accepted whether you are not wearing any makeup.

You don’t need to hide yourself from concealers and cake foundation because you think you don’t look good enough for people to appreciate you. It would all change when you learn to love yourself first without the need for cosmetics.

Exposing your skin to way too much makeup on a regular basis could also cause it to sag, go dry and even break out. It could be worse if you got so lazy to remove all of your makeup before getting to bed. There are some physical and mental side effects of being dependent to makeups.

Moderation is key here people, especially ladies who seem to can’t have enough mascaras in their purses. We know that if we look good, we’d feel good. The truth is, you have to feel good first before you could actually look good. It all starts from within. Believing and feeling first that you are wonderfully made, would just result to you exuding some youthful glow on your face and the best part is that it would happen naturally.

So the next time you face the mirror before going out, I would just suggest to take it easy on the foundation.