The Recipe For A Good Weight Loss Goal

Good Weight Loss Goal

Everybody is into losing weight these days and I think it is a good thing. A lot of people are researching on what could be better for their health, which means they are not just into the aesthetic benefits of the matter, but they are more concerned on the deeper and healthy benefits of this subject. And if you are one those people, then I would like to applaud you for making that huge decision and taking that step to live a healthy a life.

Weight loss could be achieved by having the right ingredients to it. I would like to think that there is a formula for it and here I am eager to share my newfound recipe for weight loss.

1. 100% Dedication: You can’t do it half-heartedly or you won’t see progress. I always say, it’s either you do it or not, don’t be someone who would half-bake a mission. It’s not a good practice. Focus and dedicate your time and effort for this goal and you will see result 100% as well. The problem with most people is that they dedicate only a portion of their time and energy and then expect some drastic results in an instant! Which bring me to my next ingredient.

2. A Cup Full of Patience: You won’t see results overnight. You will need some time till you can finally see the things you have worked for. If you are patient enough to wait for the results, you will be patient enough to go through the process as well.

3. 50% Inspiration: It would be so easy to achieve a goal if you have an inspiration. Like a reason why you want to lose weight and stay healthy. It doesn’t always have to be a significant other, it could be coming from your family and other loved ones as well.

4. 50% Perspiration: I say you only need 50% of literally perspiring because the other 50% has already been worked out by having an inspiration. This means if you don’t have an inspiration, the burden is doubled so you would have to perspire 100% and that is kind of not healthy.

5. 100% Motivation: This is actually the drive that would help you to keep going. You got to find something or someone to motivate you. This is aside from your inspiration by the way. I say pick a place, an outfit, an event or an item that would make you push yourself to what you can to be able to achieve weight loss. For example, do you want a new little black dress that is size 1, then focus on that as your motivation and I’m telling you that you would be able to get it.

6. At least 1 Buddy: Get a buddy who would be accountable checking up on you and your progress. Best if you could have your friend workout with you as well.

More times on how you could lose weight fast in my next posts!